opentimelineio.schema package

User facing classes.


Convenience for making a single track timeline from a list of clips.


opentimelineio.schema.clip module

opentimelineio.schema.effect module

opentimelineio.schema.external_reference module module

class*args, **kwargs)

Bases: opentimelineio._otio.SerializableObjectWithMetadata

property abc

an int

opentimelineio.schema.generator_reference module

opentimelineio.schema.image_sequence_reference module

opentimelineio.schema.marker module

opentimelineio.schema.schemadef module

class opentimelineio.schema.schemadef.SchemaDef(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: opentimelineio.plugins.python_plugin.PythonPlugin


Return the module object for this schemadef plugin. If the module hasn’t already been imported, it is imported and injected into the otio.schemadefs namespace as a side-effect. (redefines PythonPlugin.module())


Adds extra schemadef-specific information to call to the parent fn.


Return a string list of the available schemadefs.


Fetch the schemadef plugin object by the name of the schema directly.


Fetch the plugin’s module by the name of the schemadef.

Will load the plugin if it has not already been loaded. Reading a file that contains the schemadef will also trigger a load of the plugin.

opentimelineio.schema.serializable_collection module

opentimelineio.schema.stack module

opentimelineio.schema.timeline module

opentimelineio.schema.track module

opentimelineio.schema.transition module