opentimelineio.plugins package

Plugin system for OTIO


opentimelineio.plugins.manifest module

Implementation of an adapter registry system for OTIO.

class opentimelineio.plugins.manifest.Manifest(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: opentimelineio._otio.SerializableObject

Defines an OTIO plugin Manifest.

This is an internal OTIO implementation detail. A manifest tracks a collection of adapters and allows finding specific adapters by suffix

For writing your own adapters, consult:


Return the adapter module associated with a given adapter name.


Return the adapter module associated with a given file suffix.

property adapters

Adapters this manifest describes.


Extend the adapters, schemadefs, and media_linkers lists of this manifest by appending the contents of the corresponding lists of another_manifest.


Return the adapter object associated with a given file suffix.

from_name(name, kind_list='adapters')

Return the adapter object associated with a given adapter name.

property hook_scripts

Scripts that can be attached to hooks.

property hooks

Hooks that hooks scripts can be attached to.

property media_linkers

Media Linkers this manifest describes.


Return the schemadef module associated with a given schemadef name.

property schemadefs

Schemadefs this manifest describes.


Read the .json file at filepath into a Manifest object.


Deserialize the json string into a manifest object.

opentimelineio.plugins.python_plugin module

Base class for OTIO plugins that are exposed by manifests.

class opentimelineio.plugins.python_plugin.PythonPlugin(name=None, execution_scope=None, filepath=None)

Bases: opentimelineio._otio.SerializableObject

A class of plugin that is encoded in a python module, exposed via a manifest.

property execution_scope

Describes whether this adapter is executed in the current python process or in a subshell. Options are: [‘in process’, ‘out of process’].

property filepath

Absolute path or relative path to adapter module from location of json.


Return the module object for this adapter.


Return an absolute path to the module implementing this adapter.

property name

Adapter name.


Returns a map with information about the plugin.